Staff FAQ

3rd February 2016

Can I also offer your jobs to my friends and family?

Yes of course, very often we are assisting our clients to hire many many staff for each event soo just have your friends and family apply for the jobs and we’ll try and get you and everybody you know working at great paying gigs with our amazing clients!

I applied for my first job but I didn’t get selected, what happened?

We don’t make the hiring decisions, our clients make these selections, they review all the applicants and decide who they would like to move further towards offering the jobs.  We can tell you that applying quickly when you receive a job alert for your area and having at least 6 amazing photos in your profile and everything filled in and complete will help our clients notice you first giving you the best chance at getting more great paying gigs!

Does it cost anything to be part of the National Event Staffing team?

No, we offer both a basic free staff account or paid pro account, the choice is yours, we want you to make money and have fun working with our great clients!

Will I be offered jobs across the USA and Cananda?

You will usually be offered jobs only for the 1 home City/State/Province and 3 additional Cities/States/Provinces you select during your sign up with us.

Will I be paid for my expenses while working at an event?

We work with each client to ensure you receive the very best pay rate possible and it is very rare that miscellaneous expenses such as travel or meals are covered. These details would be clearly presented to you before the start of any event.

Will this lead to a modeling career?

We give you the opportunity to work with fortune 500 companies and other professional staff in the industry. We are not a modeling company but with a little hard work and a good name in the industry there is no reason why you cannot achieve whatever goals you set. We encourage all of our staff to stay on our roster wherever they go across the USA and Canada so that we can continue to offer them event work opportunities.

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